QuickPic: The Thrills of Summer

July 24, 2013 | By Brent Almond | MAKING MEMORIES

I’m sorting through my thoughts about our recent trip to visit JJ’s birthparents. It’s taking me longer than I’d planned… In the meantime, please enjoy this montage of JJ performing what appears to be a one-man “Thriller” flash mob at a fountain in downtown Salt Lake City.

Ah, the thrills of summer!




[It was hard to fit so much cuteness and hilarity on the page, so please click each row to enlarge.]

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4 responses to “QuickPic: The Thrills of Summer”

  1. Stay At Home Brad says:

    Looks like he had a good time, a thrilling time even.

  2. Noah Moore-Goad says:

    All he needs is the glove and high water pants! Too cute!

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