Dinner last night. Brought to you by Red Bull.

July 28, 2013 | By Brent Almond | LESSONS LEARNED, MAKING MEMORIES

Tonight’s dinner coaxing tactic consisted of telling JJ to pretend he was a magician and make all his food disappear into his mouth. He took that ball and ran with it, as each bite/performance consisted of not only yelling “Abracadabra!” before shoving the food in, but then getting up, doing a little dance and running around the kitchen. For. Each. Damn. Bite.

Entertaining and exhausting, as usual. He’ll be here all week, folks.

Dinner last night. Brought to you by Red Bull.

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One response to “Dinner last night. Brought to you by Red Bull.”

  1. Jack says:

    This is terrific. My older kids are both…active…as well. It is freaking exhausting but more often than not its just plain fun. I love seeing other parents embrace the insanity!

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