Slander on Sesame Street

November 14, 2012 | By Brent Almond | LGBT STUFF, POP CULTURE

Kevin Clash’s Accuser Calls “Take Backs”

As a follow up to my most recent post, I am happy — and honestly, quite amazed — to learn that the Kevin Clash sex scandal has gone away. Not amazed Clash is innocent, but that his accuser retracted the malicious statements about their supposed pre-legal relationship. Stories like this rarely end with the liars telling the truth or the suspicious being blameless. (I’m looking at you Petraeus. And Schwarzenegger. And Armstrong. You know this could go on forever…)

Perhaps the media cycle of scandals and supposed scandals is in such high turnover, the fact that the world learned of Clash’s homosexuality in the same breath as accusations of sex with minors will move along to the non-news aisle without a hitch. And keep fewer fools from continuing to relate the two. I’ll also be watching Sesame Workshop to see if they continue to stand by their man behind the Elmo.

So congrats, Mr. Clash! I hope before too long (after suing the pants off hell out of your ex) you’re back at work spreading love and joy and silliness to the kids of the world.

And if you wanna send some sexy emails, might I suggest a cell phone?
This one looks nice..

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3 responses to “Slander on Sesame Street”

  1. Brian says:

    I’m really thrilled with this. Growing up, Sesame Street always had a special place in my heart, continues to now with my kids watching it and, I am pretty sure, always will for me. Sesame Street to me isn’t just inspirational, it’s aspirational – we should all hope to show half of the love, compassion and tolerance that a single monster/muppet shows in any situation on Sesame Street. I am really glad that Kevin Clash is vindicated here (I, too, loved him in Being Elmo) and hopefully, Elmo (and don’t forget Mr. Hoots!) can get back to helping to teach important lessons to everyone.

    Thanks for following this and posting this.

    • Brent M. Almond says:


      Thanks for your comment — I’ve been showing JJ old episodes of “Electric Company” lately, and while they’re fun and educational, it just doesn’t have the heart that “Sesame Street” does. Which is probably why SS has lasted 43 years (it started the year I was born) and EC lasted only a few seasons.

      BTW, who is Mr. Hoots?!?


  2. Brian says:

    Just saw that Kevin Clash is resigning over another accusation that was made in a lawsuit today. I hope this one proves to be wrong as well — what a shame. As for Mr. Hoots, he’s another Kevin Clash character on Sesame Street. He’s not on very much any more — here’s a video of him (

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