Wine + Dandy

July 29, 2012 | By Brent Almond | LESSONS LEARNED, MAKING MEMORIES

I’d like to start posting more stuff here first ā€” photos, videos, witty asides ā€” instead of only Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. My goal is to make this your one-stop-shop for all things Designer Daddy! I will of course be forwarding/Tweeting/posting out from this all-important hub, so don’t worry ā€” I’ll still be annoying you on multiple platforms at all times. šŸ™‚

Anyhoo, thought a photo of me and JJ in a liquor store would be as good a way as any to start…

Click to biggefy

Here I’m teaching JJ the rules of selecting a good wine: pick the pretty label. And I’m carrying him because, well… he’s 2-1/2 and we’re in a giant box of glass and booze.

Hope everyone’s weekend was rich and spirited!

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