Daddy, Papa, and Me

August 7, 2011 | By Brent Almond | THINGS MY KID DIGS

Last December I was searching for papa-centric gifts to get JJ’s Papa for Christmas, and let me tell you, it was slim pickings. This is unfortunate as a lot of two dad families go by the “daddy/papa” monikers. In addition to the papa stuff being few and far between, lots of it was for grandfathers. And while we may not be spring chickens, we ain’t visiting Grandpa Land anytime soon. However, I did manage to find a few fun things, including a charming book about animal babies and their fathers called “Papa Papa”, as well as this sassy “Who’s Your Papa?” tee shirt…

But the best by far was the book “Daddy, Papa, and Me” which has since become one of our favorite books to read to JJ. It’s a very straightforward, no-nonsense, non-preachy, day-in-the-life story of a child (cleverly illustrated so as not to be gender-specific) and his/her two fathers. It starts off with the child asking “Who wants to play with me today?,” followed with spread after spread depicting things Daddy and Papa does with the realistically energetic toddler. Our favorite is this one, that most accurately portrays our family’s greatest strengths, with Daddy helping to “paint the sky” and Papa helping to bake a pie (our Papa is Italian, and a cook among cooks).

After a slew of other activities (throwing a ball, having a tea party, etc.) the book ends with a sentiment any parent of a toddler can relate to, regardless of the family’s makeup…

What appeals most to me about the book is that it doesn’t try to make a case for this family, or celebrate that it’s “different.” There are plenty of other books for that. What it does celebrate is the joy of a child spending time with his parents ā€” learning, playing, and experiencing life.

For you two mother families, “Mommy, Mama, and Me” is also available from the same author.

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What is your favorite same-sex parent book? Let me know in the comments! Then head over to Facebook and say “hi” on the Designer Daddy page!

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8 responses to “Daddy, Papa, and Me”

  1. I was just thinking about this after watching last week’s episode of True Blood. They created a kind of a parallel universe, where it’s not only supernatural beings that are taken for granted, but homosexual and heterosexual relationships are too. In a somewhat backwards place where people show a lot of prejudice against what they see as “The Other,” gay people are never considered an other. Like you say, unlike 6 Feet Under, where Alan Ball was making the case for acceptance, here he just presents gay relationships as something too normal to warrant a case to be made for it.

    Of course, if you’ve never watched True Blood, you have no idea what I’m talking about… Sorry.

    • Brent M. Almond says:

      Interesting comparison and good point ā€” and I’m a BIG fan of both shows.

      Unfortunately we don’t have HBO anymore, so I have to watch True Blood on DVD almost a full year later… so thanks for not posting any specific spoilers! šŸ™‚


  2. Lisa says:

    I think you have found a new market and should start creating things for Daddy’s and Papa’s!! I love this book BTW I am going to have to get it for some friends of mine in NY who just got married and are adopting a little one soon. Good pick!

    • Brent M. Almond says:

      That’s actually one of my “big dreams” ā€” we’ll see if I can fit it in between work and actually being a Daddy. šŸ™‚ And tell your friends to check out my blog! šŸ˜‰

  3. I love your blog Brent! I just wonder where you find the time! I have a tumblr page and I love to write but with work and the pups I can’t seem to find a free moment. What’s your secret?

    • Brent M. Almond says:

      Thanks Noah! My secret is I cram it into the late evening or weekend hours that I sometimes have free. I also jot down notes all the time of things I might want to post about, so I have a quick backlog for when a free moment presents itself. And on rare occasions, I’ll be able to write 2 or 3 posts at once and schedule the date ahead of time for when they’ll go live on the blog.

      But if you’ll notice, there are longer and longer gaps between posts lately, as I’ve been really busy with work. But I do try to be as consistent as possible.

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